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Amsterdam Dances Event

Although its name is little descriptive, the Event of Dance of Amsterdam is all an institution in the matter of young entertainment in the Dutch capital. More it is known by his abbreviations in English, ACCEPTS (that correspond to Amsterdam Dances Event), and for already 14 years congregates multitudes of fans to music and the dance. To travel to Amsterdam is not only to lodge in a hotel and to cross its channels, but thanks to his cultural diversity it offers a good menu to us of leisure, as it happens with this event.

Their origins, that hardly go back to 1996, have roots in a small conference which it was celebrated in Amsterdam, and to that attended some hundreds of professional musicians. In that one occasion, also a smaller festival was organized, with a program that distributed in three clubs about 30 nocturnes and del that participated DJs.

The growth of ACCEPTS has been immense, and in this 2009 he will be a referring one of electronic music to international level. The event, that will take place in October, will be formed by professionals, DJs, presses specialized, expert investors in the matter and a hearing considered in 90 thousand people. It sounds like that is not necessary to lose itself, truth?

Then certainly, if it interests to you to know the last tendencies in electronic music and divertirte in great in company thousands people with your same tastes, this it is the indicated site.

At present, this event that was born like something small and annotated is the greatest festival of electronic music that is developed inside clubs nocturnes, and a thematic conference to which the explaining majors of the sort are kind.

In order to obtain entrances for the events of IT ACCEPTS, the best thing is to visit the first official page, and there you will be able to obtain data about how acquiring them. The majority of them you will be able to buy them in that Web directly, whereas some others have their own pages with independent systems of sale.

Practical information

· Dates: from the 21 to the 24 of October of 2009

Photo Via: DJViBE

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