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The collection of the Museum Van Loon

The museum Goes Loon is a true peculiarity of Amsterdam. At first, by the old and exquisite residence lodges that it. But also, of course, by the huge collection that keeps in its interior.

The pieces compose that it belonged to the family Go Loon, that in the last years of century XVI had to move to Amsterdam from Loon op Zand (near' s Hertogenbosch) to evade the Spanish invasion.

In the dawn of century XIX, the family had been able to position itself like part of the nobility, and of that time and the previous years she is that the pieces with art and furniture abound to admire. Nevertheless, the collection includes as old works as a picture of the family realized in 1637, on the occasion of the marriage of Willem van Loon with Margeretha Bas.

Another old piece data of 1791, and was painted by Johann Friedrich August Tischbein on the occasion of the wedding of Jacob Boode and Catherine Martin. One is a double picture, that can be observed in the main firing chamber.

The modern art also has its place. One of the most representative works of him is the picture of Maurits van Loon, realized by Hans Bayens. It was located in the great dormitory that before we mentioned, and dates from year 1987.

The collection not only includes familiar pictures, but also it is conformed by furniture, porcelain and dated pieces of silver in century XVIII.

Practical information on the Museum Van Loon

• Address: Keizersgracht 672
• Entrance: adults, 6 €; minors between 6 and 18 years, 4 €; smaller children of 6 years, free.
• You happen of gratuitous admission: Museumkaart and Amsterdam Pass.
• Schedule: of Wednesday to 17 Mondays from 11 to hs.
• Guided visit: 48 €, under order.
• In order to plan your trip: It consults the best one enters the different supplies from flights Amsterdam and, later, the one that agrees to you more among the hotels upon Amsterdam.

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