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Dudok restaurant in Arnhem

Arnhem is one of those historical cities that you must know. Perhaps history is not written completely in monuments and their artistic patrimony, but rather in the heart of the silence that floods its streets. What this city had to suffer in World War II only perhaps the stones of the ways know already.

Nevertheless today we do not want llevaros by the turns of this sad history, but we want sentaros in one of its known premises more. One is the Restaurant Dudok, a right elegant place on the feet of the famous Tower of Eusebio, of the church of the same name, which by the way you can raise to have really impressive panoramic views.

To the Dudok Restaurant you can come after afternoon spending or the morning of tourism to eat something. One uses as everything, from plates to sandwiches, very recommendable these last ones, mainly those of salmon and those of cucumber. The premises are very elegant with a room in the ground floor with capacity for 150 people, and one room in the part of above qualified mainly to have dinner.

If you have the luck to come to Arnhem in summer certainly the best thing it is to take advantage of the good time and to sit down in the terrace that there is in the door to have precious views. Besides also eating you can sentaros to have breakfast or at the time of the tea for a coffee. They have a very good tea letter with an ample variety, as well as a dessert selection and candies.

This restaurant abrió its doors in 2003 and there you will see people of all type, from tourists to people majors, young people, families… To first hours in the morning usually there is much people since she is near the center and of the commercial centers, whereas in the evening she passes something to him similar. For that reason if you want to go to have dinner most recommendable it is to reserve table.

It is easy to arrive until the Dudok Restaurant since one is in center of Arnhem. If you come in car the best thing it is to park it in parking of Broerenstraat, that is where everybody usually parks when it goes to the center of Arnhem. And if you do not come either in train preocuparos because it is to about ten minutes on foot of the station.

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