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Museum Van Loon

The Museum Van Loon is an extremely special site of the city of Amsterdam. Of course, it is a forced visit for those who can enjoy from flights to this city by the treasure that keeps in its interior: the collection, that belonged to the family of that last name. Van the Loon lived in this residence from century XIX, and left in her his more appraised artistic goods.

But the house in itself is a piece to emphasize, and of her it is we will speak that you in this occasion. It was constructed in 1671 by Jeremías van Raey, a merchant of Flanders. This businessman asked that two houses were built on the Keizersgracht channel, that conserves its name to the present time.

The one in charge of the work was Adriaen Dortsman, that acquired fame thanks to its design of the Lutheran Church and to its Walenweeshuis, that at present lodges to the French consulate in Holland.

Just in 1884, and after happening through diverse proprietors, Hendrik van Loon he decided to acquire the property. But he did not want it for him, but for his Willem son. In the same year of the purchase, Willem contracted marriage with Thora Egidius, the lady of company of then queen Wilhelmina.

Thora was, really, the last person who resided in this house, until its death in 1945. The museum abrió its doors in 1973, after a deep restoration.

An important part from the visit to this mansion is the garden. A stroll by this garden cannot less than to leave enchanted to takes those who it. The immense park was constructed in the part of back of the house, and those are not few that take to a surprise when discovering such extension of green there.

It was designed after the restorations of the decade of 1970, according to a symmetrical landlord. Recently, in 1998, new tasks of renovation were realized.

Practical information

• Address: Keizersgracht 672
• Entrance: adults, 6 €; minors between 6 and 18 years, 4 €; smaller children of 6 years, free.
• You happen of gratuitous admission: Museumkaart and Amsterdam Pass.
• Schedule: of Wednesday to 17 Mondays from 11 to hs.
• Guided visit: 48 €, under order.

Photo Via: Go Amsterdam

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