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The museum boat of Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, a unique museum in its type exists: thus it is, is the Houseboatmuseum, that is a boat-house-museum, that is to say, a site without equal anywhere in the world. It is located in the Prinsengracht channel, in the district of Jordaan, the neighborhoods of the Westerkerk and the house of Ana Frank.

What shows east museum is how it is lived in a boat that has been turned into a true home. Kitchen, living room, dormitory, bath: everything is preparation so that one or more people settle with the comforts necessary to enjoy an equipped good house.

The boat was constructed in 1914, and baptized with the name of Hendrika Maria. During many years, it acted as normal of a boat of his type. Until years 60, it was used like load transport, especially to transport sand, burdens and coal.

After which it stopped being used with those aims, it was acquired by an individual literally turned that it into its home. It lived there during twenty years. At present, nobody lives in the boat, and therefore it was transformed into a museum. When acceding to him, one can feel like in its house, and enjoy the comforts that offer.

Most fascinating of this museum it is the originality and I devise with which his owner was able to adapt it for the daily life completely. Any thing about which one can think, and even many that would never come to the mind, are there for satisfying the needs on those who lived in him.

Practical information

• Address: Prinsengracht, against nº 296.
• Entrance: adults, 3 €; children, 2,25 €.
• Schedules: of March to October, Tuesday to Sunday from 11 to 17 hs. ; of November to February, Friday to Sundays, 11 to 17 hs.
• Email:

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