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Grachtenfestival, Festival of the Channel, Amsterdam 2009

If you like classic music, Amsterdam will be your perfect destiny for the next trip. From the 15 to the 23 of August, one will become the scene of a series of concerts that will hardly reach the incredible number of 90 in those nine days. Taking notices in case accidentally already you have lodging in some of the hotels in Amsterdam during those dates.

As to his it indicates it name, the Festival of the Channel - the Grachtenfestival, in Dutch is developed along river IJ, to both sides of its channel. Also it takes place in the heart of Amsterdam, next to outstanding monuments, historical sites or of great cultural value.

Most of the concerts are of free and gratuitous access, although also there are some where a very economic entrance is pleased. The spirit of the festival is to offer a space to the youngest talents, so that many new faces are seen during the concerts. As it leaves from the Festival of the Channel is developed Kindergrachtenfestival 2009, a version for the young and adolescent public.

This year, the Grachtenfestival will be inaugurated in already of in case impressive Museum of the Hermitage of Amsterdam. There the first called sample Svadebka will be exposed! One is a compilation of the work of Stravinski from his letters, written in his majority in 1919.

The initial step will be taken in the inner patio of the museum, where the first part of the festival will be developed. Its name is Svadebka! The Village Wedding and, making Gallic of that denomination, will consider everything as if it was a marriage ceremony. All the presents will be invited. The sale of entrances began the 1 of June for this spectacle.

The concerts are developed on a daily basis in diverse points of the city: the main monuments and buildings public will remain open until behind schedule, by the end of putting itself to tone with the important nocturnal life of all those that are in Amsterdam. You you do not think much to it, still you are in time of hacerte with one of the supplies from trips to Amsterdam that have left for this summer.

Photo Via: Amsterdam Hot Spot

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