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Natural garden Slatuinen, Amsterdam

Stichting Natuurtuin Slatuinen, or the Natural Garden Slatuinen, is a true backwater of peace and beauty in the Dutch capital shaken one, Amsterdam. Exotic flowers and plants, colorful birds and small mammals inhabit the place altogether, composing a magical and renovador, perfect space for the lovers of the botany and also whoever to look for something of peace in the city.

In the first decades of century XX, Slatuinen was well-known like the Wilhelmina Park. By that then, it was not more than earth an inner ground patio acquired by the Hendriksen family. Soon it happened to be called the Patio of the Hendriksen, who dedicated themselves to the young of diverse species of plants.

Until 1984, the place was used for the culture of botanical peculiarities, but already in the last years it was left and the trees, plants and shrubs that occupied the terrain grew without control nor maintenance. We see how it is that the park was rescued and what it is of him nowadays.

They were the inhabitants of the zone who, in 1991, decided to carry out a luck of rescue plan to reclaim the Earth and to give back their old use to him and, thus also, its old beauty. They had in mind, in addition, that the project acted social and educative a as. The plans were presented/displayed before the local authorities, that agreed in subsidizing it. Already in 1992, the same neighbors dedicated themselves to clean to the space of the rubbish and the sweepings that was had accumulated until then. The place was unrecognizable.

Banks of wood, pedestrian footpaths and an artificial lagoon were some of the introduced elements. At present, the design of the gardens, colorful and organized according to the species of plants and flowers compose that them, are a true banquet for the view.

This park Stichting Natuurtuin Slatuinen has its doors abiertas to the public and every year organizes a market of botanical units, excursions and activities for children that enchants as much to that those reside habitually in the city like a that they spend days in some of the hotels in Amsterdam.

And that, aside from all what has been said, walking by the garden can one even be with local painters that they set out his art in the footpaths. A rewarding form to spend hours calm.

Photo 1 Via: Vergetentuin
Photo 2 Via: Baarsjes Amsterdam

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