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Farm and Clear Museum cheese Maria, Elaboration and pile shoes

Without intention to fall in the obviedad, the colorful pile shoes and some varieties of delicious cheeses are almost synonymous of Holland. Without doubt, they are of those things with which one cannot stop associating to the country. But, besides being an emblem at the time of promoting the tourism, pile shoes and cheeses also they are part of the most ingrained Dutch tradition. She is why Clear Maria is a so popular site.

One is about a farm in that makes cheeses and also a factory of pile shoes in which the products can be acquired, of course, and simultaneously to be present at the processes and to learn how it is that these typical Dutch goods are realized. The proposal is than tempting more. The farm, that is a charming building of an average century and of antiquity, is in the outskirts of Amsterdam, and the visit guided by its facilities is gratuitous. Few are the tourists who leave the hotels in Amsterdam without to have proven the cheese or to take memory pile shoes.

Kees Jan is the farmer in charge of the cheese production. As you can imagine, the process initiates with the cows, at the time of removing milk to them. Thence until the finished cheese there is a long way, that can be observed by passages during the visit.

But how to go away of there without tasting the delights that Kees Jan prepares. In the route, the different types from cheese will be offered that are elaborated, some of saborizados them with mustard or black pepper, and if something of all that is too good not to take it to house, then the next destiny is the cheese store.

But, as we said, the cheeses are not the unique protagonists of this farm. Pile shoes, that stops who never we used a pair can be beautiful and very ruthlessly uncomfortable, are in fact one true delight for the feet.

From century XIII, the people have been convinced of it using them on a daily basis, and does just more of a century than they were the type of used footwear more in the country.

Photo 1 Via: RTTTravel
Photo 2 Via: Holland

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  1. helow, I speak spanish, under sorry for my english,
    Dog somebody tell me, how to arrives to the farm Clear Maria,
    I think to travel to Holland, next month, under I would want to know how to go from Amsterdam to the farm Clear Maria. Is possible to do the trip by train. Thank for your answer. Marin

    Commentary by Marin
    05-06-2009 @ 2:26 a.m.

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