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Amsterdam Culinair 2009

The Dutch capital is as vibrant as active, and always there is infinity of opportunities to enjoy unforgettable moments in her. It is only enough with taking a walk by his streets, and from insurance it will arise a site with an interesting proposal to be useful.

Nevertheless, if we do not want to entrust itself to the destiny in such measurement and want to be abreast of other alternatives to pass it in our trips well to Amsterdam, it agrees to know what events are being developed at the moment in Amsterdam. So that we are going to see some of them.

In the Museum Van Gogh, for example, Fridays at night are the key. Throughout the year, Fridays the museum remains open until the 22 hs., offering all type of activities like live music and thematic readings of Literature and poetry

Without separating to us too much from this museum, the Veenfabriek is home from the past 6 of April of a temporary sample that consists of an installation and performance devised by Max Bekmann. It was realized especially for the Museum Van Gogh.

On the other hand, the Rijksmuseum does not remain back. The Municipal Museum of Amsterdam also offers a proposal to us outside the common thing. One is a guided visit thematic with a very peculiar name: Tour of the Helmet.

This must to that the interior of the museum is being renewed and until the 29 of May visitors they will have to use special footwear, a security vest and, as is to imagine, a helmet, while they cross the rooms of the museum dedicated to century XIX.

Also related to the museums but by a merely space question, Amsterdam Culinair 2009 is a perfect event for the lovers of the good one to eat and the travellers of fine palate.

During four days, between the 18 of June and the 21 of June of 2009, an event will take place that will give to the local inhabitants and tourists of Amsterdam the opportunity to also taste the delights of the Dutch kitchen and international prescription infinity.

Photo Via: Dagjeweg

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