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Amstelhof, the Hermitage of Amsterdam

The museum of the Hermitage, in Saint Petersburg, is one of greatest and famous worldwide. In Amsterdam, to many kilometers of his main building, it works soothes that it was inaugurated in February of 2004, and that since then has been extending itself and offering to the public diverse exhibitions of great interest.

From that one first sample of Greek jewelry shop, the project delineated for the Hermitage Amsterdam is the one abrir to the public a total of 6 galleries. In each of them, originating temporary exhibitions of the museum appear mother, the Hermitage of Saint Petersburg.

The Dutch building that lodges to this European branch of the museum is the Amstelhof, a true wonder of the architecture of the country, and representative par excellence of the tendency classicist in the city. It was constructed between years 1681 and 1683.

The definitive inauguration of the Hermitage Amsterdam will take place in a moment, in the month of June of 2009, when the exhibition titled In the Russian Court appears to the public: palace and protocol in century XIX. One of greatest is considered and lavish than it will never have been organized in all Europe.

For daros an idea, this single sample would occupy the total of the space of the Amstelhof, about 2200 squared meters of surface. The period that includes includes/understands the reign of 6 czars, initiating with Pablo I, son of Catherine the Great one, and culminating with much more met Nicholas II, the last one of the Russian czars.

The exhibition will work until day 31 of January of 2010, and throughout that time the building will be a true Russian court, mounted from 1800 objects brought from the old imperial capital. In addition, it will count on programs of computer of interactive character, that will allow the visitors to obtain data and to handle themselves with freedom by the museum.

Photo Via: Amsterdamse Binnenstad

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