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Heineken experience, in Amsterdam

The factory of beer of Heineken, in Amsterdam, is much more that only that. It is located in the north of the district Of Pijp, and is one of his main modern tourist attractions. From 1988, no longer it is dedicated to produce the world-wide famous drink, but it realizes visits guided by his interior.

And it goes if are interesting these routes, that congregate to multitudes of tourists every year. Closed in 2000 and reinaugurado in 2001, the stroll returned with many changes, and the fans to the old program are little encouraging as far as the new one, but in truth he continues being an interesting option to consider in a visit to the city.

Unlike the previous routes, that were realized of customized way for groups of up to 45 visitors, the present itinerary is self-steering. It allows to discover throughout four levels the devices exhibited in each room. Old machineries and more modern others, accompanied by presentations multimedia, are part of the collection.

One calculates that the route can be realized in one hour, or some minutes more, following how much one is excited with some of the proposals that the establishment offers: for example, to bottle beer, or to be the star of rock in a music video, and to discover how many football teams have esponsoreado the company from their beginnings.

And, of course, it does not lack the beer tasting, that concerning one so well-known is rather an invitation to drink a drink, because what social drinker does not know the flavor of an Heineken? At the end of the route, in the Bar World, he flatters himself to the visitors with two glasses of average dot.

Like véis, the capital offers many ways to us different to enjoy from the trips to Amsterdam, that everything does not have to be to sail by its channels.

  • Practical information

• Address: Stadhouderskade 78 - 1072 Amsterdam, Amsterdam
• Price: adults, 15 €; minors of 8 to 15 years, 12 €; minors of 8 years, free.
• Schedules: every day, from 11 to 19 hs.

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