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Sloten windmill, mill of Amsterdam.

Sloten windmill, one of the mills of Amsterdam

The mills are one of the most recognized emblems of Holland, a country that from always has battled against the waters that besiege their territory, it has overcome and them until even gaining numerous spaces destined to the agriculture and to the construction of urban centers.

But what difficult turns out to imagine that in Amsterdam, modern and cosmopolitan, it can have some of these so traditional constructions. And nevertheless, not only there is one, but in fact there are eight wind mills in the city.

One of them, even, can be visited on the inside. One is the Sloten Windmill, that remains in operation from its construction in 1847, and not only like a tourist attraction. At present, it receives a utilitarian use, since it serves to maintain droughts to the earth gained to the sea that surround the zone.

It is quite common that also is chosen like place to especially celebrate it weddings, since its traditional aspect gives a quite peculiar atmosphere to all event, when what it looks for is magic and romanticism. Whoever to visit it and to know how he works, there are volunteers who offer information on the matter. In the interior there is an elevator, which does of the accessible mill to people in wheelchair.

But, as it said, it is not the unique mill of Amsterdam. The mill Of Gooyer, constructed in 1814 like a grain mill. Like part of the set, it works a factory of beer (Brouwerij `t IJ) and a coffee and pub with terrace.

Of Otter he is even more older. It was constructed in 1638 and one stayed in operation until recently, but the surrounding buildings do not allow the wind arrival sufficient, so that his operator decided to stop making it walk in the summer of 2006.

The other mills are: Of 1200 Roe (1632), Bloem (1878), 1100 Roe (1674), Riekermolen (1636), D' Admiraal (1792). You do not stop visiting them if you are lodging in some of the hotels in Amsterdam.

Practical information - Directions

• Of Gooyer: Funenkade 5
• Of Otter: Gillis van Ledenberchstraat 78
• Sloten Windmill: Akersluis 10
• Of 1200 Roe: Haarlemmerweg 701
• Of Bloem: Haarlemmerweg 465
• Of 1100 Roe: Herman Bonpad 6
• Riekermolen: Of Borcht 10
• D' Admiraal: Noordhollandschkanaaldijk 21

Photo Via: Outdoors Webshots

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