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The Tropenmuseum of Amsterdam

The Tropenmuseum (Tropen Museum, clearly) is the museum of the objects you take care of of it of Amsterdam. The route that proposes to us is original and fascinating, and it allows us to know diverse histories from small inert witnesses, sometimes also instruments or arms that carried out those events.

There are objects that can be the initial kick for the story of strange customs, daily in his countries of origin, but totally impensadas for those who we visited the museum. Others are more interesting by the busy itinerary that history provided to him until its arrival to the museum.

With this perspective, it is arrived at the Tropenmuseum without idea from far that this one (and its hosts) can take to us, and the sensation is that one becomes a boy, kind to the stories of each of those objects, that have much to count. The page Web of the museum has a sample of some interesting histories, to put itself to tone and so it hopes to us there in Amsterdam.

Every month, the museum chooses one of the many chronicles that keep between their heap, it exposes and it of special way. Thus, the “history of the month? becomes the most popular route during its 30 days of reign.

The Tropenmuseum of Amsterdam

Smallest also they have its space in the Tropenmuseum. There, to numerous they wait them activities. The children until the 6 years can enjoy all of them in the wing Kartini, where interesting options related to the exhibitions of the main room are developed: puzzles, drawings to color and pieces to construct are some of the alternatives.

In center of Knowledge one complete bibliography is offered about the countries of origin of each object and the cultures that gave life them. In the store, the more peculiar memories and gifts, pieces of art can be obtained and also daily objects, besides books and cds of music of different places from the world.

If as much stroll abrió the appetite, to prepare itself for a multi-ethnic food in the Ekeko restaurant. There to plates and drinks coming from the most distant sites use.

Practical information of the Tropen Museum

          · Address: Linnaeusstraat 2, Amsterdam.
          · Schedule: every day, from 10 to 17 hs.
          · Prices: adults (+ 18), 8 €; children between 6 and 17 years, 4 €; minors of 6 years, free.
          · Email:

Photo 1 Via: Eropuit
Photo 2 Via: Museumz

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