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Mager bridge in Amsterdam

No longer it is possible to remember how nor when they began to arise the innumerable legend that turns around the Mager bridge, that cross a river Amstel from 1670. He is one of the very many bridges that were constructed in Amsterdam, but conserves that something special that, is by their mythical nature or by his peculiar appearance, it does not stop attracting the premises and tourists with equal intensity.

In principle, the questions arose from the hurried translations of the visitors of the city, who little took in discovering that the name of the bridge means “thin?. That is to say, one is the thin bridge, a little imaginable characteristic in a construction like this.

With the same speed, the history of the Mager brothers extended, that would have been the one who gave name to the bridge. This clarified a little the things, but who were these young privileged people, whose last name today is mentioned by all, and that it identified to the beautiful wood structure that unites both margins of the river (today replaced by a modern step)?

Then, apparently, the Mager brothers were the people in charge of the construction of the first bridge that occupied that one place. Is being who each of them lived in one on the sides of the river, and to visit itself with less difficulty they decided to locate in front of his houses (perfectly opposed) the magnificent Mager Bridge.

But this is only one version. The other indicates that, in fact, the bridge yes was thin. This means that the way was so narrow that was difficult for two people to journey at the same time by him. So that, when the number of pedestrians who cross a river by means of this bridge increased, it was necessary to change it by the present one, in 1871 approximately.

In spite of all the histories, a thing is certain: by the nights, to visit the Mager Bridge is the perfect option for a little while romantic. Illuminated by thousands of small lights, it draws on waters of the river a charming reflection, indispensable element of all magical moment.

Photo Via: Go Amsterdam

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