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Floating market of Flowers

Holland has one long tradition in the culture of flowers, something that results in the ample popularity which they enjoy his fields of tulips and their floral markets of all colors. In Amsterdam, the Floating Market of Flowers is a site to visit the year throughout.

Today, our trip to Amsterdam takes to us alongside South of the Singel Channel, one of oldest of the city, this market worked for the first time in 1862. From that one year, it has not stopped being present in the life of the local inhabitants, and soon the tourism found in him a privileged event to visit.

So it was the development of this market that at present would be difficult to think about a flower that could not be there. From the infaltables Dutch tulips, emblem of the local flora, to cypresses of interiors and plants coming from the Frisias islands; everything has its space in this place.

And it is that by anything it does not occupy in our days an extension of four pictures, that initiates in the crossing between the Singel channel and the Koningsplein place. It is known by the Dutch like the Bloemenmarkt, and can be acquired there typical to souvenir to take like memory of the stroll.

Like historical reference to its beginnings, the market is carried out on floating barges, which identifies its characteristic enchantment. In the past, the flowers moved from different places from the country in those flat rafts, although today they are only relics.

In December, the spectacle that offers the floating market is imperdible. Everything becomes green by the presence of hundreds of Christmas pines, of different forms and sizes, waiting by buy that them take and them to house.

Practical information

  • Address: channel Singel and Koningsplein.
  • Schedule: of Monday through Friday, 9 to 18 hs. ; Saturdays until the 17 hs.

Photo Via: Trip Adviser

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It beats here to print this article

    The wedding of my Beatriz daughter is next the 20 of June and wished to take to the Church a branch of white tulips. My woman and I was in Holland the last week of April to visit the wonderful Keukenhof park, among other things. In the stores of flowers of the Singel channel of Amsterdam we bought a series of plants and 100 bulbs of tulipsfor the flowers of my daughter. They assured the salesmen to us who without a doubt we would have white tulips the 20 of June. Nothing else to arrive, evidently, we planted everything (still it hurts the back to us).
    Result to today, 30 of May:
    Not one plant of tulip. Absolutely all rotten ones.
    Not one Jacinth, all rotten ones.
    Intense the red amaryllis, is growing pink pale.
    For that reason we recommended to you:
    You will remain with the rest nonsold of the previous year.

    Commentary by Jose
    30-05-2009 @ 2:06 p.m.
  2. Hello, because I have bought several times and they have always left to me, and until black that are the rare tulips but, it is but it kept some them from one year to the next and salian.
    Now I do not go as much to Amsterdem because it went by work and encounter to lack the tulips that planted, I have to say that I am of Barcelonay I have bought sometimes bulbs here and they have left to me very ugly.

    Commentary by Monroe
    22-12-2009 @ 8:29 p.m.

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