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photograph of Olaf

A piece of Pain, one of the series of Olaf

Until the 11 of January of 2009 two exhibitions dedicated to great national photographers are developed in Holland, each with their very peculiar style but both equipped with the talent that transforms to its works in true windows to wonderful histories. Erwin Olaf in the Museum of Photography of The Hague and Fjodor C Buis in the Melkweg of Amsterdam.

Rain, Hope and Pain, those are the three series of photos that compose the exhibition of the Museum of The Hague, all of them work of Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf. Images in color and others in black and white refer, in some cases, to the product consumption to which the advertizing warnings are dedicated for which Olaf took the pieces.

In truth, the fame of this artist must largely to the campaigns realized for important international marks. This wink so strongly commercial, undressed in the prospect of each one of the photos, forms a earthly meaning but simultaneously restored by the scope in which they are exposed. However, the artist manages to catch the deeper and complex human emotions with a simplicity that makes DES or builds one of most exciting of the present photography.

On the other hand, Fjodor C Buis approaches a humoristic proposal to us called Alias. If so, the assignment of its work has been to demonstrate the fact that good part of most legendary stars of the sport is known by their nicknames.

This peculiar observation took to the artist to photograph to the maximum disguised Dutch idols according to the nicknames of each. The models of the photos include Inge de Bruijn, Jeroen Blijlevens and Nelli Cooman.

Practical information on Rain, Hope and Pain, of Erwin Olaf

  • Place: The Museum of Photography of The Hague
  • Address: 43 Stadhouderslaan 2517 HV
  • Duration: of the 27 of September from 2008 to the 11 of January of the 2009.
  • Schedule: of Tuesday to Sundays, 12 to 18 hs.
  • Entrance: 5 €; minors of 18 years, free.
  • Email:

Practical information on Alias, of Fjodor C Buis

  • Place: Melkweg of Amsterdam
  • Address: 234a Lijnbaansgracht 1017 PHS
  • Duration: of the 4 of December from 2008 to the 11 of January of 2009.
  • Schedule: of Wednesday to 20 Sundays from 13 to hs.
  • Gratuitous entrance.
  • Email:
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Photo Via: Photographica

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