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Festival of Tango in Amsterdam

Who wish to enjoy a spectacle of tango of great quality, they do not need to arrive until Buenos Aires, its cradle and main home. With the popularity that this dance has gained and the culture surrounds that it at world-wide level, the events which they are realized around her have like scene so distant cities of their place of origin like China or the United States.

And Holland could not be outside. In Amsterdam, city of one supplies cultural inexhaustible, of course that offers a space for the lovers of the tango. From the 26 of December and to the 31 of that month, a new edition of Tangomagia will be realized east year, an annual event that it reunites to important figures of the atmosphere.

The scenes of this international festival are more than one. The Kompaszaal, the Beurs van Berlage and the Hotel Sand are three outstanding sites that will welcome the event, that will consist of five instances of hall dance, five days of abiertos factories in the contenders and four afternoons of tango-coffee, that try to recreate the genuine milonguera atmosphere that it anywhere in the world identifies to the tango.

In the Hotel Sand, and like part of the program of the festival, two visual artists will exhibit their works. This speaks to us of a spectacle that every year gives rise to new possibilities, expanding its horizons towards other disciplines that take like object to the tango and the imaginary one it characterizes that it.

The reserves for this festival can be realized:

  • with credit card, until the 19 of December to 12 p.m.
  • via banking transference, until the 22 of December to 12 p.m.
  • through official site of the festival, until the 26 of December to 12 a.m.

As of day 21, and until the 30 of December, it will be possible to be acquired entrances only in the table of entrance in CREATES, the cultural center of the University of Amsterdam. Nevertheless, the availability during these dates probably already is very limited, so that it is recommended to realize the reserves ahead of time.

You also do not forget to reserve lodging, with certain anticipation, in some of the hotels in Amsterdam. Thus you will be able to choose the one that agrees to you more.

Photo Via: Inside my head

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  1. As Argentine and fan to the tango I must say that the festival tangomagia11 was spectacular, impressive, fabulous and a pile of denominations that could be enumerating without stopping.
    The places where we danced were incredible, the public attended from all parts of the world and shows that offered the stellar dancers were sensational.
    Without a doubt I will return. And felicitacione to the organizers.

    Commentary by Alexander
    04-01-2009 @ 8:36 p.m.

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