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Restaurant Coffee In de Waag

If you want animation in Amsterdam, is a part of the city that it has what you look for. One is the Nieuwmarkt, or Central station. Nevertheless, today we pause in one of its buildings more representative than, at first, it does not represent what is. One is the Waag, and that at present lodges the Restaurant Coffee In De Waag.

One really is an impressive building, constructed at the end of the century XV, and that peculiarly in its origin was one of the great doors of the city. With a very elegant interior, he is ideal for a romantic dinner in Amsterdam. Nevertheless, it abre every day, from early good, on the 10,00 in the morning, reason why also it turns out an ideal place to have breakfast. The best thing is to go on the 17,00 hours, when there is appetizer stops before dinner.

There you can eat of everything, from meat and fish, to menus for vegetarian people. Local and international kitchen uses, and mainly it is a place very indicated to go to eat a numerous group, especially when we are of tourism of businesses in Amsterdam, since there are menus especially dedicated to groups.

That yes, eats here early, since from the 14,00 and to the 16,30 hours usually it mainly uses the tea as tablecloth, accompanied by chocolates, cakes and other candies. We advised to you that, even for the tea of afternoon, you make your reserve about two days ahead.

This restaurant has a capacity for 140 people, and consists of three great rooms for private lunches or in groups of businesses. In the ground floor is the Tower Room, with a great round table with capacity for eight people, that can be a familiar dinner, or a small goodbye as a single person, etc…

Another one of the private rooms is the Klovenierskamer, with capacity for 26 people, from whom good views of the Central station are had. Whereas the last one of the private rooms is the Geldersekamer, with capacity for 34 people. In anyone of them there is services like audio-visual screens for a meeting or reception.

You will be imagining that dinner is a little expensive here. It is certain, but or you can daros a whim, or to at least enter for tomaros a typical Heineken beer or a refreshment, that is not beyond 2.50 Euros. To consider it like a species of entrance that you must pay to see the interior of one of the most interesting buildings of Amsterdam. Not always you will be able to be taken a beer in a place like this.

To take advantage of the great amount cheap flights low COST that you have until Amsterdam, and tomaros a beer in a coffee thus.

Photo Via Jonathan Ziapour

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