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Linnaeushof park

Linnaeushof is a park of games that is greatest of all the European continent, with more than 350 attractions and spaces of recreation for boys of all the ages. This magical place for the children, is in the city of Bennebroek, Northern Holland, not very far from the Dutch capital, Amsterdam.

Smallest of the family they have in Linnaeushof its own park of diversions with many swings and attractions let that them move, climb and slide by rodaderos. There also there is an immense sand table where excavators and small trucks can play with to transport the sand, as well as a small town with traffic signals where they can cycle and enjoy while they are learning and making friendly with other children of its same age.

If a little greater go away with children than no longer they can nor they want to play in the park of games of the small ones, a good short while in the corner can be visited and be happened of the sports. There there are several attractions for which they are not so young, that it includes a scaled wall of, a track of skating and a special place to ski; in addition that will take hours from entertainment being them trying on all the equipment available for them.

Linnaeushof park

There also there is a lagoon where it is possible to be enjoyed a stroll in an aquatic bicycle for two people, where some time with the brothers can be happened and the parents also are useful to relax a little.

In center of this lagoon is the Nest of the Pirate where they can climb and climb per hours. In addition to the border to the lagoon is a sunk wood boat, where there is a megaphone, a compass and a nest of crows.

Another great advantage of this park of diversions is that when it rains the diversion it does not finish, because it has an inner park where they are possible to be amused with mini cars, small automobiles, as well as to enjoy the distorting mirrors and to play in a castle that has a camera of the horror.

So, it takes good note, mainly if you are quedándote in some of the hotels in Amsterdam, you do not forget that you can pass a day divertidísimo in family in the Linnaeushof Park.

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