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Monument to Hannie Schaft

Monument to Hannie Schaft

Until the 7 of December of 2008, it continues the sample Three children in Resistance, that narrates the stirring history of Hannie Schaft and the Oversteegen brothers. It is exhibited in the Dutch Museum of the Resistance from the 18 of April of this year, and is a wonderful story inspired by the bravery of the three children during World War II.

The history of Hannie Schaft is well-known by many. Nicknamed “the girl of the red-haired hair?, it was executed by the Germans due to the resistance activities in which it participated during the warlike conflict. She is possibly it protagonist of the sample.

Nevertheless, this exhibition also looks for to rescue of the forgetfulness other two names, less remembered. Truus and Freddie Oversteegen were two brothers that were committed strongly with the same tasks developed by Hannie, and worked next to her during the Dutch resistance.

The three young people, in an exasperating context that seemed to get worse without sights to a quick solution, chose a way: the one of the armed warfare. This caused that they emphasized in a movement mainly made up of men, since the tasks entrusted to the women used to be secret: to take care of of the wounded who had hide-and-seek or to transport hidden messages to the members of the resistance.

They were few those that were united to the armed group. Hannie, Truus and Freddie were among them, exhibiting an admirable anger to their young age. After the war, first of the girls one became an unquestionable heroin, after to be assassinated by the enemy.

The Oversteegen brothers survived, and had to do it with the passed ghost of a cruel one. Truus dedicated its life to the sculpture, taking like thematic from its works the experience of the war. Freddie also followed a way calm, but it continued feeling troubles after the terrible lived situations.

The exhibition of the Dutch Museum of the Resistance also rescues the later reality of both brothers, to demonstrate that the victims of the war are not only who die in the battlefield.

Practical information

  • Address: Verzetsmuseum Plantage Kerklaan 61
  • Entrance: adults, 5,50 €; children of 7 to 15 years, 3 €; minors of 6 years, free.
  • Schedule: of Tuesday to Friday, 10 to 17 hs. ; Saturdays, Monday and holidays, from 12 to 17 hs.

Photo Via: Virtuele Tochten

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