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Buddhist temple in Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam is a mosaic of images that are combined of peculiar way, and that to each step provides a new surprise. Perhaps one of the most interesting examples of this particularitity is the Temple Fo Guang Shan I have, also known like Temple Zeedijk.

One is a sacred monument of the Buddhist cult, installed heart of Amsterdam in the heat of. Its construction was finalized in 2000, and it was inaugurated with the presence of Reina Beatriz. The great wood stairs that lead until their entrance are part of a facade that conjugates traditional lines of the Chinese architecture with the modernity that prints its young age to him.

The Shan Temple I have is greatest of its style in all Europe, and nevertheless one is not a monument of capital proportions. On the contrary, next to the traditional temples of China, it is small and calm, although this does not clear splendor nor beauty to its structure.

The interior is made up of a great room in whose center Avalokitesvara is located, that symbolizes the compassion and is the way to follow to reach the illumination. One imagines like a woman, Kwan Yin, that has many hands. Each of them is in a special position, making a gesture significant.

They flank two statues, Wei Tuo and Qie-LAN, the protectors of the Dharma and the temple. All those that enter the enclosure, can buy incense to offer it to these images, or also ofrendar a portion of fresh fruit.

The walls of the place are decorated with scenes of Kwan Yin and inscriptions of the names of the founders of the temple. A small collection of images of Buddha is located in the wall of the right side. In the level inferior, are a statue of Buddha of jade and halls for meditation, meetings, classes, a bookstore, the dining room and the rooms of the monks.

Practical information

  • Address: Zeedijk 106-118 - Amsterdam
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