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pile shoes

Each trip usually is synonymous of “memories?, and while we walked by the streets of a unknown city one of the forms in which we felt that we can conserve those memories it is acquiring a typical object. Of Holland we could be engaged in a mill, a channel or pólder, but they can be uncomfortable in the return trip. The pile shoes are a good alternative.

In Amsterdam, Of Klompenboer it is a factory of pile shoes that allows to enter its facilities and to observe the workers being given form and color these peculiar wood shoes. In addition, and like it was to be expected, a great store offers, next to the pile shoes, another great variety of typical objects. Imperdible for the lovers of the purchases.

The pile shoes date, at least, of 1367, although esteem that could still more be old. It is difficult - and painful to imagine it, but they were used during years like daily footwear. The explanation is logical: in as humid earth as the Dutch, nothing can protect as well of the water as the enameled wood.

At present, farmers and constructors still use this footwear. Have used who them, they say that they are much more comfortable than they seem. It will be question to dare and to acquire a beautiful pair in Of Klompenboer, soon to take a walk by Amsterdam with colorful pile shoes.

Most traditional they paint themselves in red yellow and, following some drawings classic. Nevertheless, those that make for the sale as souvenirs covers an ample rank with colors and patrons who can include flowers or until scenes of the streets of Amsterdam, as if he was a picture.

Of Klompenboer, besides making and selling pile shoes of all imaginable styles, it is a place in which can buy other typical elements of Holland like the prestigious ceramics of Delft.

Practical information

  • Address: Sint Antoniesbreestraat 39-51 - 1011 HB Amsterdam.
  • Schedules: every day, from 10 to 18 hs.
  • Email:
  • Hotels in Amsterdam.

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