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One of the great attractions in Amsterdam shops is coffee. For who does not know it, these premises are characterized because in them marijuana without legal impediment can be smoked no. In the Dutch capital there are streets dedicated to this type of bars in such a way that the scent to cannabis arrives at the adjacent streets and the smoke leaves its interior nothing else abrir the door of the premises. in its interior the atmosphere is tenuous perhaps and dismal… yes, it sounds stranger who coffee shops has become so famous throughout the world and for many their visit more by tourist tradition becomes than another thing, but, now, from the 1 of July something it has changed in them.

 Coffee shop

Yes, peculiarly, Holland, the country of liberalism and the modernismo, has legally prohibited that is smoked in the premises, but… only tobacco. You hear as it. Tobacco in the bars and restaurants cannot be smoked, but the marijuana continues being allowed in coffee shops. An incongruity, perhaps, but is that if prohibited this last one, one of the majors tourist attractions of Amsterdam would come down, and the certain thing is that there many businesses live on it. That yes, also the smokers of porros will see as they vary his customs and is that habitually at the time of smoking them they used to mix tobacco with the marijuana to smooth them. Now that also is prohibited, and the owners of the premises that make that mixture could receive fines that go between the 300 Euros and the 2,400 Euros.

And a data… in 2001, the last data that is had in the office of statistic of Holland, the marijuana sales added 1,200 million Euros… almost ná!

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  1. I want to live in Holland!

    Commentary by Luis Miguel
    20-05-2009 @ 2:57 p.m.

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