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The Keukenhof gardens are between the localities of Lisse and Hillegom in Holland. The gardens also are known as “the garden of Europe? and is described to him like one as most beautiful as the country.


It owns a great collection of flowers (besides selling to the tourists its flowers, bulbs and seeds), Lagos mills, sources… In him one is which there is a balance between the different elements (something as well as fen-shui with the plants).

History says that it was Jacoba de Bavaria the one that it baptized to these gardens since Keukenhof means Garden of the kitchen and Jacoba, to the scent of that garden, remembered to the kitchen and the spices to him that were used in the palace.

The Garden is subdivided in four great zones that take name from the Dutch real family of the Oranje:

  • Pavilion Oranje Nassau.
  • Willem pavilion Alexander.
  • Pavilion Reigns Beatriz.
  • Pavilion Reigns Julian.

At the time of visiting the Garden he is recommendable to do it at the beginning of May that is when the flowers are in their higher point and where the beauty can be seen the complete one. In addition, in case we take to our children, these have a part of games for single them where they will be able to enjoy small swings like toboganes, cords, swings,…

Also there same we will find stores typical of the Garden as well as restaurants so that the visit is not made us too much release.

The Garden is open from the 20 of March and to the 18 of May in schedule from 8 to 19,30 of afternoon. The entrance for 13 adults is of' 50€ whereas for the children (of 4 to 11 6 years) it is of €.

For more information you can visit the page totally official Web of the Garden in Spanish and, in addition, we will be able to even buy the entrances via online through the same.

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