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Kralingse You

I have always heard say that Rotterdam is not indeed far from it the prettiest city of Holland. Perhaps due to being a city industrialist, is certain a little that she can not be as colorful as others from the country. Nevertheless, he is worth the pain to approach up to here to see the other face of the currency of the tourism in Holland.

And if we are in Rotterdam we must ourselves give to a stroll by the Kralingse You, the Kralingse Park, so that we are understood. One is an enormous park that surround to an artificial lake, and to that come the majority from inhabitants from Rotterdam to enjoy giving a stroll or to practice some type of sport.

A hoisted forest ideal to almost spend a day of beach in Rotterdam. In the lake we can bathe, to go with our canoe and to row a little, having precious views of Rotterdam from the lake, and also we can go to the park with the idea to spend a knocked down day of barbecue to the slight Dutch sun. Without going more far it is the greatest park of Rotterdam.

If you do not want llevaros your own food, you do not worry, since to borders of the lake there are very good restaurants. It is possible to be gone at night to have dinner and even to have wonderful views from the city to the bottom. By the small zone you will also find clubs of candle to learn a little this sport and to sail on the lake to your ill.

This lake was created about two centuries ago, and formerly he was much more great that now. Nevertheless, in World War II reforms in Rotterdam had to be made hard after being bombed, reforms that affected the length of the lake. Even so, these reforms were for better since they equipped the zone with a recreational area where to spend a very pleasant day in the city.

In all the park you have a beach, restaurants, places for rock scaling, a golf course, sport tracks, zone of games for children, two nautical wind mills and several clubs. Doubtless that the Kralingse You is a perfect place for which they want to save a little the industrial bullicio of Rotterdam.

Photo Via Only Liesbeth

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