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Amstelveen is a municipality of the province of Northern Holland, the Netherlands. This municipality Integra in the Regional Organ of Amsterdam (Regionaal Orgaan Amsterdam, NIBBLES) along with Amsterdam, Ouder-Amstel, Of Goes up to around Venen, Uithoorn, Aalsmeer and Haarlemmermeer. This municipality counts on a surface of 42.38 km ², between which about 2.13 km ² are water extensions.


A way accessible to arrive from Amsterdam towards Amstelveen is by means of street car 51, from the central station, (it is a trip that will take 35 minutes approximately to you).

A9 freeway, offers access to Amstelveen by exits 4 and 5. A10 freeway also is an important circulatory artery for the North part of the municipality. The main North-South axis is the Beneluxbaan.

Amstelveen is recognized mainly by its museums, in its majority of modern art. Between but known they honor “the Cobra loor Museum Moderne Kunst?, that contains to the work of the group Cobra, that was created in 1948 and that introduced the modern art to the Netherlands. This museum contains a Japanese garden designed by the American artist Shinkichi Tajiri.


You own a beautiful denominated park “Amsterdamse “in who one can take a walk outdoors, to realize picnic, or to develop sports. In its proximity is the Bosmuseum, which this dedicated to offer to I publish information about its history.

In Amstelveen we can appreciate the “Stadshart? (' heart of the city'). In him they are a great commercial center, cultural centers, restaurants and offices.

In 2003 Amstelveen it was chosen like the best great city to live on the Netherlands. Honoring in characteristics the being: a good location, to own good communication, safe, rich in culture and by its proximity to Amsterdam.

Popularity: 11% []

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