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The first impression is of surprise; second it is of welcome; third it is of modernity. Amsterdam welcomes in the tourists of the entire world; it is a cosmopolitan and modern city; the paradigm of the cultural liberation and the European modernismo.

The city of the channels, Venice of the North, Amsterdam is characterized by the surrealismo of its houses and the coolness that transmit their channels. One does not know or if it is a city abierta to the sea, or is a sea abierto to the city, but the channels give to life and symbol him to the city.

And between the abundance of his multiracial people, it appears that chaotic traffic in that they are mixed, cars, buses, bicycles and street cars in a daily routine that at the same time it attracts to you.

You enjoy these photos of Amsterdam, because they are the reflection of its essence, its life, its silhouette.


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  4. simply charming

    Commentary by Javier
    31-07-2008 @ 3:52 a.m.

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