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City located to the southwest of the Netherlands and closely together of The Hague, Rotterdam has a population of 595,000 inhabitants approximately.

Being the industrial heart of Holland it is a strange city since it defers much from the other Central European cities of our century with his commerce, present museums, houses, offices, bazaars, markets, in Rotterdam this does not exist.

Consecrated like Cultural Capital of Europe in 2002, tending before our eyes an architectonic garden, it is a postmodern and multicultural city for and a city destroyed without character after the War for others.

In Rotterdam everything is new, since it was bombed in World War II, being constructed again. Everything is closely together, being able to arrive in bicycle by means of sidewalks and tracks destined at this vehicle, on foot or in car.

He is worthy to admire the disquieting photographic plane that it owns, with the architectonic design that have received in the construction of its stairs, lampposts, bridges, etc., design that leaves outside the normal thing being bold, challenging, different at the same time as modern. Pale colors that are mixed with brilliants at the same time as the aggressive forms are neutralized with the smooth ones and we will not stop seeing as the air lines with curves are interlaced.

You would not have perderos admiring the complex of the Cubical Houses and another construction to which we are due to refer is the Weena building, great block of office and apartments oriented to the world of the businesses that is placed commercial in center of the city.

Since I have commented previously Rotterdam is different, possibly lost the visitor thought not to be in Holland, since beginning by his inhabitants and finishing by his buildings, history, his streets, they do not agree with the stereotype of Dutch city.

With his port and taking step to a great amount of merchandize, more than 300 million cubical tons to the year, it is a great vital part in the Dutch economy, giving credit to his name, Europoort (Door of Europe).

Welcoming in more than 30 museums, we can go to most outstanding, Museum Boymans-go Beuningen, the Marine Museum and the Museum of History (Shielandhuis) and the University Erasmo de Rotterdam. The beautiful collection of birds can also be admired that lodges the zoological garden Blijdorp.

You will be able to take your beers, to eat, to dance, that yes, per week the streets of this city are almost empty after a day of work, you will have to hope to see more bullicio in the streets, bars and restaurants the week ends.

It is worth the trouble when the light of the day arrives at its aim, to observe the skyscrapers that rise trying to arrive at the sky being formed wonderful drawings with their lights, to breathe the salty aroma of its waters, and by all means to cross bridges and streets in bicycle.

In order to spend days in Rotterdam, we offer a relation to you of hotels here with effort.

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