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Oudegracht, channel of Utrecht

Both unquestionable symbols of the city of the Utrecht, smallest of Holland, are the Tower Sunday and the Oudegracht Channel. Pride of their inhabitants, these two samples of architectonic precision have in addition great value by the environs surround that them.

The Tower Sunday is located next to the Gothic Cathedral of the city, and is highest and oldest of the country. Constructed between years 1321 and 1382, it measures more than 111 meters and is crowned by 13 bells. In the interior are the chapels of St-Michael and Egmond.

From the top of the construction amazing views of the city are obtained. When being in the crossing between the churches Pieter, Paulus, Jan and Maria, all of them are visible thence. And not only that; during the cleared days, it is possible to even descry the city of Amsterdam. But as much beauty is not free: in order to accede to his cupola it is necessary to raise some steps… 465, exactly!

The old medieval channel, Oudegracht, are a fantastic stroll of Utrecht. The wharves border that it are accessible through small stairs that descend until the level of the water. History and the present are in these constructions.

The cafeterias, bars and restaurants with terraces that are both sides of the channel are innumerable. Each of them owns its personality, but all share the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Ducks and swans swim next to the companions at table who enjoy a drink or a food to the prohibition of the channel.

Also it is possible to take a boat and to sail by waters of the Oudegracht, that crosses downtown from the Southeastern end. Thus it is possible to know the historical helmet from a perspective different and to enjoy a calm route by the beautiful Utrecht.

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