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The gorgeous parks of Rotterdam are a chapter aside from the visit to the city. Moving landscapes and quiet and spaces transform natural them into a new dimension within the anxious urban movement.

Botanical gardens of Rotterdam

Botanical gardens of Rotterdam.

In order to begin our route we go to the botanical gardens - Arboretum Trompenburg- dates from century XIX and was designed according to the English landscaping style. The impressive collection of more than 4000 trees includes shrubs, perennial species of diverse places of the world, aquatic plants and flowers. Here visits guided under request are realized.

Practical information on the botanical Garden

  • Address: Honingerdijk 86.
  • Telephone: 010-2330166.
  • How to arrive: in street car, line 1 towards Of Esch, Woudestein shutdown.

On the other hand we found the Museumpark, that it was constructed on fields that originally were used to seed I graze, property of the family Go Hoboken. In 1920 they were acquired by the city council of Rotterdam and the architects Rem Koolhas and Yves Brunier were in charge of their design. The Museum Boijmans van Beuningen was first in being built, being followed of the NAI, the Kunsthal, the Chabot and the Natuur. It today works an interesting center of art for smallest, call Villa Zebra.

Practical information on the Museumpark

  • Address: Museumpark 18.
  • How to arrive: in street car, lines 4 and 5.

Soon You are the Kralingse, in the district of Kralingen, that is a recreational park of 175 hectares very visited during the summer by the great amount of attractions that offers. One is an ample green zone that count on a lake, an artificial beach, a swimming pool, zones of picnic, footpaths to take a walk, tracks for bicycles and numerous restaurants.

Museumpark, Rotterdam

Museumpark, in Rotterdam.

Also it is possible to rent candle boats and to practice windsurf in his waters. An animal farm for children and an educative center on nature and environment work there. It is accessible for people in wheelchair.

Practical information on the Kralingse You

  • Address: Karlingseweg
  • How to arrive: in street cars number 7 and 9, Oudedijk shutdown. The nearer tube station is Voorschoterlaan.

Another option to visit is the Zuiderpark is a located municipal park around the Ahoi complex, famous by the great amount of fairs that are realized there. The pools, the swimming pools and the footpaths in great extensions of field abound. Several sport clubs work here. It is accessible for people in wheelchair.

Practical information on Zuiderpark

  • How to arrive
    • In meter, the nearest station is Zuidplein.
    • In bus, lines 133, 136, 140, 142, 143, 154, 156 and 160 W.N.

Photo Via botanical gardens:
Photo Via museumpark:

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