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Arboretum Notoarestoen, recreation and nature

Arboretum Notoarestoen is the name of a botanical garden of Holland, located in the city of Eenrum, in the province of Groningen. One is about 17 kilometers of the city of Groningen, provincial capital, and was founded on 1968.

It has the honor of being considered the collection greatest of rhododendrons of the Netherlands. Between the months of April and June, all of them bloom of wonderful way, dyeing it everything of thousand colors.

He was the public notary C.N. Smit who took the initiative to reunite to exotic and native species of trees and plants to let them grow in a land of 2 hectares. For it, it counted approximately on the aid of about 30 volunteers, who dedicated themselves to construct what today it is a true work of art.

About six hundred types different from foreign species were located during the years that followed the foundation, among them many varieties of great singularity, mattered of America, England, Germany and Denmark.

In order to adapt them to the climate of Groningen, it was necessary to investigate and to experiment in order to discover what particular needs had each species and how the characteristics of their natural habitats could be replaced.

Rhododendrons of China, the Himalayas and Tibet, two secuoyas brought from the American continent, cypresses surrounding a small lagoon, trees pagoda of Japan and sinfín of other varieties worldwide inhabit the garden. In waters of the lagoon, species of aquatic lilacs and other many plants of humid zones float.

In order to know them, they have been numbered and can be acceded to the necessary information with respect to each in the entrance of Arboretum Notoarestoen. A foundation was created in 2002, after the death of Smit, to assure the continuity its work and the conservation of that magnificent garden.

Practical information

• Address: Ernstheempad, 9967 p.m. Eenrum
• Email:

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