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Eindhoven is the biggest city of the south of Holland, and extremely recommendable a tourist destiny by the great amount of attractions that offers to its visitors. Or by his cultural supply, its monuments, their nighttime activities or their commercial centers, it is a charming and attractive city for which they look for every year cheap flights and economic hotels to spend days in her.

It is related to the art and the Dutch design, but also to the industry and the economy. Every year, the Week of Dutch Diseño is realized there, that traditionally occupies some associate buildings with Philips, the first Dutch multinational.

Of Witte Dame (Lady Blanca), for example, he is one of them. There the factory of electrical lamps of Philips worked, and at present it is a center of design used by the Academy of Design, Philips Design and the Public Library of Eindhoven.

Other interesting sites to visit are the many museums on which it counts the city. Museum DAF, for example, counts on a collection of more than 120 historical cars and vehicles.

On the other hand, the Kempenland Museum shows the cultural history of the city with its collection of photography, painting and sculpture. It works inside one old church that also is attractive a tourist one in itself.

They go AbbeMuseum is another imperdible museum. Between their walls, works keep summits of the modern art, pertaining to artists of the stature of Picasso, Chagall, Kandinsky and Mondriaan.

The Stage of Soccer of Eindhoven is a site that, although seems to be only apt for fans, is recommendable to all the visitors of the city. It was constructed in 1913, and one is a landmark in the history of Holland.

Of Peel, in the outskirts, it is the perfect place for the lovers of the nature. Their landscapes are impressive: Lagos, forests and small villages compose an ideal panorama to cross on foot or in bicycle.

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