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Marathon in Eindhoven

Considered one of the more prestigious competitive events of the world, the Marathon of Eindhoven is next to give beginning. The 12 of October the race that respects a tradition begun in 1959, with the name of Lichtstad Marathon will be realized - in Spanish, the Marathon of the City Light.

The men were the unique ones who could participate in that then. During years, one was a biennial event, but in our days a single time per year is realized. After two first editions, one recovered in 1982, on the occasion of the 750 anniversary of the city.

For the nonprofessional runners and the adventurers who want to add themselves, two short circuits of inscription abierta to the public exist generally. The point of released and the goal are the place of the City council - the Stadhuisplein-, in the same heart of the city of Eindhoven.

Each edition congregates approximately 160 thousand spectators, and to about 17 thousand brave ones that they dare to on approval put his organism in a demanding marathon. One is the third greatest one of Holland, after which they take place in Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

The marathon, the average marathon and the most accessible options of 6 and 3 kilometers follow circuits separated, and the inscription is open for all those that wish to be part of the spectacle. A data to be moderate: Nadezhda Wijenberg, that described in this competition for the Olympic Games of Summer of the year 2000, crossed the passage in 2 hours, 28 minutes and 45 seconds. It will be necessary to surpass his mark!

But everything is not to run by this time in Eindhoven. The attractions around the event are not made hope, and numerous concerts, spectacles, celebrations and all type of entertainments are developed with regard to this particular meeting. So that it is hour to begin to train: for the marathon or to celebrate at least.

Practical information

  • Date: 12 of October of 2008
  • Schedules: marathon, 11.00; average marathon, 14.00; 6 km, 10.30; and 3 km, 10,00 hs.
  • Prices: marathon, of 30 to 45 Euros; average marathon, of 18 to 23 Euros; 6 km, 5,50 Euros; and 3 km, 3,50 Euros.
  • Lodging: reserves of hotels
  • Web:

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