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Church of Santa Catherine, Eindhoven

St-Catharinakerk, or in Spanish, the church of Santa Catherine, is one of the most remarkable monuments of Eindhoven. It was constructed in century XIX, in neogothic style, and one became one of main works of P.J.H. Cuypers, the most famous Dutch architect who also had to his position other important buildings in his country.

The towers are without doubts first that it catches the attention. Or perhaps not they themselves, but the difference between both. They have 70 meters of high each, but the tower of the south more is refined and of delicate ornaments, whereas the North tower resembles more a defensive construction.

World War II left its tracks in this church. The bombings of damaged it strongly to 1942. Once concluded the warlike conflict, it was completely recovered by architect C.H. To drink.

At present, the church is open to the public, so that if you are in Eindhoven, you cannot perderte a visit to its interior. There you will see that it has basilica form, of cruciform plant, with transepto of three runners, like the main body of the construction.

The show windows abound in windows of circular form, that represent the figure of a wheel. This must to that the wheel is the symbol that identifies Santa Catherine. The symbolism was one of the details to which Cuypers paid great attention, and is why symbolic references in all the churches can be that it designed.

In the facade of this building, there are three arches in which magnificent decorativas sculptures are observed. All of them were carved in marble stone, and by its white color they stand out of the dark at sight brick that it covers to the church.

Photo Via: Skyscraper City

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