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West Point tower

The Westpoint Tower

Tilburgo - Tilburg, in the original language is a city of the south of Holland, and it is located in the province of Northern Brabant. It is the second locality more populated with the region, after Eindhoven. Their origins go back to their recognition like Señorío, in century XIV.

It used to be part of a single unit, along with Goir to him, that today also is an independent city. Already in century XV, the Mr. of Tilburg built the famous Castle, that is its emblem par excellence.

The figure of king Guillermo II is very important for the city. Its predilection by Tilburg was translated in numerous benefits, that contributed to stimulate the industry and the agricultural production, as well as the urban development. Its gratitude had to that this place was its place of rest of the obligations waited for that it in The Hague.

The University of Tilburg, founded on 1927, is also a symbol of the city. It is considered like the best house of high studies in Economy and Right of all Holland. This is explained because, in its beginnings, it worked like a school of Administration and Direction of Companies, and inclines strongly in that sense.

The Westpoint Tower is another one of the typical views of Tilburg. With his 140 meters of height, it is the third higher building of the country, and its construction was finished in 2004. One is closely together of the central station, and offers amazing views on the city.

To only 10 kilometers of the city we can find the park Efteling, the main Dutch amusement park. Every year, congregates to thousands of families of all Europe, who approach, or make here its reserves of hotels for days, to enjoy its entertainments. Elfos, you foretell and magical creatures are present everywhere in this unique thematic park.

And still you will be able to find more places to visit in this place, Like in all large city that boasts, the museums are important an attractiveness of Tilburg. The Museum of modern art Of Pont, and the Textile Museum of Holland is the main guards of the art and the history of the city.

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