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Eindhoven is the capital of the province of Brabant, in the south of Holland. At the end of the XIX it was a small locality of a few thousands of inhabitants. But I devise of two brothers was going to bring about an authentic urban transformation, soon impelled by the necessity to reconstruct the city after the bombings of World War II. As a result of all this, the present aspect of Eindhoven difference remarkably of the one of a typical Dutch large city.

What Anton and Gérard Philips only represented for Eindhoven begins to calibrate if we consider that the city multiplied by 40 its population in a century. It never has, for similar growth, a unique cause, but without a doubt around the primitive factory of light bulbs one went forming a fantastic industrial conglomerate, whose parts were fed back to each other.

Nevertheless, to say that Eindhoven is an industrial city, technological, contemporary, productive… is far from meaning that she is not cosy, amiable, human. The end, if different and from own personality, it continues being Dutch. In addition, by many demographic anabolizantes that have consumed, Eindhoven does not stop still owning those protagorianas measures that like as much us in a city: 200000 inhabitants.

The benefit of the city turns around a series of landmarks, architectonic, city-planning and citizen. That, in comparison with other large cities of Holland, there are no great monuments of the past, does not mean that it does not have important referring. And if all great (not necessarily numerous) Dutch city must own its great museum (that usually is several), thus Einhoven is conceited of his.

The museum Goes Abbe is one of the more interesting centers of modern and contemporary art of the region. In tourist pamphlets never one forgets to comment that one that Eindhoven is the city of the art and the design, and to enter matter, what better than to begin by Van Abbe.

The museum is also a landmark of the architecture. The original building, work of Kropholler, already would cause to sling impression in 1936. With the new section, of architect Abel Cahen, Van Abbe has been put recently around the times. The designer Maarten van Severem, in addition, has complemented the inner rooms, so that the renovation has been integral.

Eindhoven without Philips is not understood. The old factory of light bulbs is today one of the icons of the city. There the incipient technology of more ago recreates than one hundred years. Also it welcomes the Center of Artificial Light in the Art (or Center of Art of Artificial Light, if we were not confused with the translation). An impressive work catalog where the subject is the artificial light.

Another referring one associated to Philips is the own stage of the football team PSV, the initials of Philips Sports Vereniging (Club sport of Philips), located very cerquita of the same center of the large city and pride of the eindhovianos, as well as the flying subject of gossip of the Evoluon, today center of conferences.

Of the others, Eindhoven is in favor in the select club of the more dynamic and bold Dutch localities. Their streets give life to an amazing number of the diversion premises, their places are fertile in terraces until in the hard months of the winter (ah, the heating…), and the summer outdoors usually arrives with festivales from music and performance.

And as not only in summer the man lives, what better time to know Eindhoven that in February? Because yes, friendly, also of carnival celebrations presume this desacomplejada and full city. There are many supplies of trips to Eindhoven, and generally to all Holland, during this month.

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