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The Sonneveld house, in Rotterdam

The Sonneveld house is an emblem of the Dutch architecture, to the point of which has been called it like the Palace of Versailles of the Netherlands. Perhaps it is an exaggeration, but nobody can deny that it is a symbol of the stylistic tendencies that characterize to the modern cities of Holland.

The materials used in the facades of the house are mainly the glass and the steel. At present, the Sonneveld house comprises of the Museumplein, the Place of the Museums of Rotterdam. This must to that in its interior the Nederlands Architectuurinstituut, that is to say, the Institute of Architecture of the Netherlands works.

It was constructed at the beginning of the decade of 1930, and is one of the samples that better are conserved of the style Nieuwe Bouwen, the national branch of the School the International of Modernismo. Everything in her distills functionality, the barren and undressed appearance of all ornament that is thought strictly to satisfy the needs with its occupants.

The interior was designed by Read go to der Vlugt, the outstanding architect of the company Brinkman & Van der Vlugt. The gardens of the house are an important chapter of the house. They were designed of joint way with her, and occupy so much a part of his interior like the lands surround that it.

At the time of its construction, the building was designed to harmonize with the surroundings in which it was located. It frees of the noise and the movement of a great city like Rotterdam, the park to his around protects and isolates to Sonneveld, leaving semi hides it and, by mainly, surrounded in an atmosphere of surprising tranquility.

The arches that gives access to museum NAI (one of the two possible entrances) illuminates every night thanks to a sculpture of light realized by the famous artist Peter Struycken. The other entrance, on the Museumplain, is preceded by a thin bridge.

Photo Via: NAI

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