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They go Abbemuseum

Van the Abbemuseum, in Eindhoven, is the unique museum in all Holland in concentrating itself exclusively in the modern and contemporary art of centuries 20 and 21, and since it was inaugurated in 1936, it has managed to construct a really impressive collection of more than 2,700 pieces.

A great part of the collection that at the moment is in Van Abbemuseum comes from the north and the West of Europe and the United States. Nevertheless, the museum wants to continue maintaining its image to accept risks and to innovate reason why is going abrir the doors to Dutch contemporary artists and to works of the Near East, East Europe and North Africa to him.

This museum was remaining small for the demands of the modern art at present, as well as for the great affluence of local visitors as as much foreign, reason why it had to construct a new part, between which is a huge tower of 27 meters designed by Abel Cahen. All this new sector was inaugurated by own Queen Beatriz in 2003.

They go Abbenmuseum

Van the Abbemuseum is so popular and famous between the tourists because it has works of recognized artists, who have enough fanatics in all the points of the planet, between his collection between which they are Pablo Picasso, Piet Mondrian, Wassily Kandinsky and in addition it has the greater collection of pieces of the Lissitzky.

But the building of this museum does not only serve to lodge these important works of art. By its particular architecture and its unique atmosphere, every day is more common that there meetings and encounter are made of all type; and the museum is in charge to organize all the details so that he is unforgettable.

When the visitors are tired and already need small receso, she is recommended to go to the Coffee of the Museum that is very beautiful and from its windows the new part of the building can be seen. The best thing is to request a cold drink or warms up, together some fast and light food, and to sit down to enjoy the calm and the panorama.

Photo 1 Via: Lempkesfabriek
Photo 2 Via: blisspix

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