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The Markiezenhof palace

The Markiezenhof palace

Bergen op Zoom lens is a locality located in the province of Northern Brabant, in the south of the country. One is one old fortified city that was constructed next to the borders of the Escalda river, that is born in France and crosses territories of Belgium and Holland until ending at the North Sea.

The history of Bergen op Zoom lens gave to beginning to his more important chapter in 1266, when it received estatus of city. As of 1287, the city and its environs were separated of the Señorío de Breda, and happened to constitute an independent Señorío, that in 1559 became Margrave.

During the last times of the Average Age, in the modern period early, the city was an important strength and the main military center of the United Provinces. Surrounded by marshes and pólderes that produced floods frequently, was a strategic site for the defense.

Better still: thanks to his proximity with the sea, it could receive provisions by aquatic route, with a port to whole disposition of the army. Of course, the vestiges of these old constructions are today true doors to the past, that they form in addition charming landscapes.

The Markiezenhof palace is an excellent example of this. Its name refers the Marquess who assumed the power of Bergen op Zoom lens when this one became Margrave. It was constructed between centuries XV and XVI, are the last one of the gothic palaces of Holland. Today it lodges a cultural and a museum with interesting pictorial collections, moving center and utensils of time.

The museum also tells on temporary rooms that send each different to an historical period, and exhibitions that they include from historical samples to modern art. Also it emphasizes the magnificent inner garden, with a great water source in his center.

Photo Via: Nederland Web

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