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Or he does not arrive at the railway station, by the way that spectacular, of Groningen (or Groningen in Castilian) and puts a foot in the street, the traveller perceives of blow the difference between a city of the north and a Mediterranean city.

Instead of clogged and conductive cars irritated, in the din of a combat to life or death to conquer a centimeter of asphalt, to advance another millimeter or simply not to yield so the laboriously conquered position, which gives the welcome us in Groningen is, they are pasmen, a quiet battalion of bicycles.

In fact it is all Holland a country not only become fond of but also medical instructor of the healthy habit of the cicloturismo. We say that what loses in climatology, according to would think an Andalusian gain, it in orography: thus anyone, will add Gallego, cursing the wave land of its earth.

But Groningen, vital and young city, not in vain is a university center of first level, at the same time as given well by history, the mansions and the old buildings of the center they are one enjoyed, even emphasizes within the Netherlands like loving place of the vehicles of two wheels. And that, although it is a quite humid region, by the way.

The futuribles ERASMUS that read to us remember that the city for them represents a tempting destiny. The center, bordered by a channel (we are in Holland), counts on a number of pubs and the premises that, according to are asked the most given hipérbole, would surpass the two hundred. Two hundred pubs in Spain would turn any urban center into a damn full garbage dump of noise. In Holland, an animated, respectful, hygienic zone is obtained. They will do how it?

But in addition Groningen is a city of the culture, with art samples, mainly sculptural figures, scattered here and there, happening the fact of the strolls in pleasant routes. By these latitudes not only they like of bicycles and tulips, also of museums. There are them turn of almost all the thematic ones, although without a doubt most important it is the own Groningen Museum, whose new building has become a referring one already.

Although not so referring as tower Martini, where by the way nobody hopes to be to a stunning woman or a gallant with sun glasses taking itself vermouth, perhaps symbol of city, behind which it is the church where they rest, or they rested, although we are not absolutely safe (this information us provides a distant friend to it, crazy person by the relics… must have of everything in the vine of the gentleman, no) part of the arms of San Juan Baptist? It seems to us a little outlandish, the truth.

But, in short, it could be. Estravagante in himself is the same city as a whole. Bicicletear a tempering day of June, happens. Or, to send itself to the adventure when the thermometer puts in strike of degrees and a fine rain pawns on rebozar to us… Clear that for adventure, adventure, using the bicycle in our cities. That yes that is to have flat or to be, simply, an unconscious one.

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