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Sand sculpture

The spring in Holland is not only the colorful time of the floral one, perfectly symbolized with the annual opening of the Keukenhof, but also, and if it fits of surprising way the more, the moment of the artists of beach.

Because at the end of April a wonderful event begins: the Festival the International of Sand Sculptures, that will extend until shortly after the summer solstice. The festival takes place in the possibly more well-known beach of Holland, Scheveningen, in The Hague.

Perhaps the sand of the beach has something magical that somehow questions to us directly, because at heart all we agreed with that one accurate phrase of Unamuno: “I do not know how it can live who does not take to skin flower the memories of his childhood?. And as a child sometimes who did not entertain with the buckets and the shovels to the border of the sea?

Clear that then we learned that the thing is not so simple. It is difficult, if nonimpossible, to obtain an appropriate cement with the sand of the beach. They know that it in Scheveningen, so that the fascinating constructions that the visitors will be able to admire from right now have trick.

The trick is that they do not use the resources of the own beach but new sand of river. Apparently the sand grains similar maintain their cubical form original. Once dampened, that new sand of river is apt for the construction of spectacular forms that, for admiration and amazement of the incredulous one, does not come down during the weeks that the festival lasts.

Festival that arrives east year at his twentieth edition. In their origin are the lessons given by the American Gerry Kirk, great pioneer and pope of the works with sand in our times (in the Antiquity already the Egyptians were experts).

The artists of Scheveningen play with the ephemeral thing. Their sculptures will last millenia, neither centuries, not even decades, but, like the fruits of the station, the more soon that behind schedule will have to be swept by the time. Nevertheless, so characteristic, it is not what turns to a sand festival into exciting? After all, the rose is not less pink no matter how much their beauty is fleeting…

Of the others, under the ephemeral thing of the sculptures it is in favor the beach, that said in Paris 68, although this time is in literal sense. Scheveningen is one unique destiny in Holland, detentador of an enchantment that from always has captivated painters, artists and people without so many ínfulas. Because, what caray, to enjoy the beauty does not make lack have card, neither of academic, nor of Bohemian, nor of orthodox, nor of out-sider. Simply to let itself take…

Photo via: welovepandas

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