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Zeeland is almost one province created by the man. Formed by islands and earth gained to the sea, in the south of Holland, the good time that it comes animates to visit it. It offers delicious water landscapes, an exquisite gastronomy and generally its visit is comforting. If we want to load batteries in Easter, perhaps and although he is still a little soon to enjoy beaches, Zeeland is the best possible destiny of Holland.

We begin by its capital, Middelburg, in fact a great town (40000 inhabitants) with much history, because or the conatural ones of the time they had to fight with, or rather to suffer to, those people of the cold earth but of hot blood that were the vikingos.

One of its great attractions is the Abbey. Another one is the Het Groot Paradys, that happens for being the best restaurant of the city. Account with a Michelín star. Middelburg is in which before it was an island: Walcheren, but that the engineer installations have subjuntivado (united) to another old island (Zuid-Beveland) also together with the rest of the continent.

Things veredes, friendly, in prodigious Holland where the man, in Yahvé plan, invents the territory (but with taste and wisdom). And in Walcheren, and therefore closely together of Middelburg, is also Veere, that a companion described the success yet as colorful. Its main church is very insolent. Altogether, a stroll by Veere feels very well.

Perhaps a young reader prefers the atmosphere of Domburg, and perhaps without knowing he follows it with good criterion the passages of which another famous painter (Mondrian, for example), that found in Domburg, that he is conceited of best beaches of the north of Europe, serenity, inspiration and (I would say) quality of life.

Domburg counts on numerous hotelitos, to everyone more charmer. If there were to choose one, perhaps the Bommelje Hotel would be an option. Correct, without a doubt, like any other in this magnificent place. Although the Bommelje is of the hotels (we suppose that not the unique one) that facilitate and rent bicycles to their clients. And with a bicycle you have everything planazo before you. In Domburg and the rest of Holland, in fact.

Zeeland, small province, where the fish as much likes, offers many more destinies of the style: Zierikzee, Yerseke, Goes, Kruiningen. And the Bridge of Zeeland, constructed in the years 60, greatest of Holland. In addition, by all means, of that calls eighth wonder of the world: the great dock of Oosterschelde.

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