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One approaches San Valentin and the rate of the hearts is accelerated. The economy does not give truce, is certain, but the good thing of this santo is that their powers work, without excessive cost. In principle, to still love is free (ejem), although it leaves to us almost always quite expensive, in the course of time, in the delicate economy of our affection.

In aim. Holland is an ideal destiny to enjoy the love and we did not talk about (or not only) certain district of Amsterdam. In addition, this year there is an eventuality that superb the date: the coincidence with the beginning of the carnivals. The celebration that marks the principle of the aim (still just a little bit distant) of the winter monotony has, as our readers know well, a special flavor in the Netherlands.

And well, you will ask, for which Holland becomes a superb scene to give itself to (subtle and the not as much) eagerness of the love? The modern love, to the end, seems a French invention, even Parisian. But indeed the one of the love free in Paris is, at least, complicated. Each city has its own exigencies and, in Paris, one of them is the one of rascar the pockets. Clear that all we were someday Rimbaud in the French capital but, like same Rimbaud, already they spent the days in which our lover invited to us to absenta…

We leave the trees of the personal lucubrations that they are preventing to see the forest us of our present intention. We said that to Holland and the love. Perhaps then the reason is necessary to not less look for it in its small as amiable cities as historical, full of public enchantment than of intimate corners, where the green foliage of the trees is reflected in blue the dark of the channels.

Or perhaps they are the pacifying views when the tired eyes of that inhabit the cities of the south put in the architectonic forms, where an educated respect by the past is revealed (it deserves if it), or the exquisite care of parks and gardens, no matter how much the bad bifid languages speak of conspiracies and holocaustos of concupiscencia, to the Sodoma and Gomorra, when the policeman does not watch.

Or it will be simply that the people feel like people and nondemons, because a thing is to walk by the streets under the desafinada orchestra of the Mediterranean city, with does not go more of the serenades than every dawn they give, during hours and hours, the services of cleaning, and very different other is to have to imagine the noises. Clear that some facet of our split personality will whisper the one of “what boredom! ?, but, they pay attention that today we are about to shout “the tepidity lives? if so it means that to 3 in the morning you do not have to jump of the bed effervescence in the heat of.

We have hardly given names, places, references. Sometimes it is enough with painting a picture, to describe an atmosphere. What doubts fits of which Amsterdam is magnificent in San Valentin, or that romantic also is a passage by waters from Róterdam, with pleasing services of watertaxi everywhere. In any case, it is worth the trouble… that is not so, but a pleasure.

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