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Poster in Amsterdam

We would not want to turn this vestibule into another tabloide more of the subjects of the heart (why they call heart when they mean sex), but that, invoking the condition of drawer of tailor of blog (not to confuse with a disaster of drawer without forms nor bottom), we would like to put on the table the news that shook the pages of newspapers or almost two years ago.

The modosito holder said thus: “Free Sex in the Dutch parks?, others gave more details, with the typical plasticity of the journalists on salary and blogger with imagination. Investigating the news, it was fitted to the centric Vondel park, in Amsterdam.

One treated, apparently, to standardize a practice that, in major or measured minor, already happened. Some conditions prevailed then. The love practices must be fitted to restricted areas and not to any hour, but only from the twilight. In addition, the turf would have to stay incólume: nothing of delicate objects, butts or papers thrown to the ground.

The norm also regulated other points, like the necessity that the owners of dogs held to their mascots. More than about possible lovers bothered by the dogs, the authorities thought about the paseadores and cyclists. The joviality animal, sometimes, does not understand that to mount a vehicle of two wheels it entails a series of risks and precautions.

This fact was used by some average ones to give with that type of spectacular holders who, once unravelled remain in anything: “Dog in Holland can be fornicar but not be had?. “Amsterdam promotes the libertinism but it presses to the animal?, et cetera.

The case is that the measurement tried to extend to the rest of parks of the city and to other great large cities of the country. We know that in the district of Slotervaart there is a quite well-known park also in which a zone “Gay? has been qualified for a year (thus it is written in a peculiar poster), that also gave his that to speak.

Now, this type of subjects moves to us to more general reflections. These news go almost always prepared to retahíla of common places (Red District, soft drugs in the coffee, etc), no longer as much of Holland whatever of Amsterdam, that seem to turn to this city into the Sodoma and Gomorra of our time.

But soon one visits Amsterdam from certain conceptual coordinates and a deception takes (and no longer we say Holland altogether). Is Holland a mature country and highly civilized? Evidently yes. His legislation it is between most progressive of the world (somebody it doubt). Now, for a Mediterranean temperament…

On the one hand it is not necessary to confuse the part (Amsterdam) with the whole (Holland). On the other, it is necessary to separate character legislation. Many inhabitants of the south of Europe, lovers of the tolerance but also of the celebration, would die most of in the Netherlands. What to make in a town or a small city of Nederland?

Man, many things but, perhaps customary to that any village of the Mediterranean has its nocturnal life, their street atmosphere once position the sun, even their “atmospheric? noise to times of the night in which in any point of the north of Europe it would be almost like committing sacrilege, the Dutch cities (exception of the majors) ends up seeming to us almost almost ghostly.

Mírese as Holland is watched is a magnificent country but it is important not to confuse the real reality with the published or journalistic reality. Unfortunately, even traveling and visiting the places, and this yes that are or the overflow of our time, sometimes we did not experiment but what, through means (periodic, guides or blogs) we knew or before starting off for our destiny.

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