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2010. New year, new illusions, but the same aged and clumsy, slick, concupiscible body or hermit, hurt and doliente. Who is not satisfied, nevertheless, she is because she does not want. There are many ways to begin a year. Of a side of the television, for example, Christmas the resacosos at the table continuing the saga of comilonas. Of the other, the images of thousands of unconscious throwing its body to the frozen water bottom.

So the happened thing in several points of Holland. The dip of New Year is already all a tradition in cities like The Hague. The beach of Scheveningen is the scene in which hundreds of people decide to celebrate `beginning' of a new orbital period of the Earth (saying thus sounds a little rare, yes, in addition it is clear that an orbit does not have final principle nor, no), of a way that the festive thing combines, the playful thing, the sport thing and until the gastronomical thing.

This year they have been more than eight thousand people those that have gone to Scheveningen. We do not know how many would be still dominated by steam ethylic of Nochevieja (skeptical that we are), but in any case is an admirable number. The act began, as always, to 12.00. And also as always it finished, for the majority, to the 12,00 and 05 seconds. Madnesses yes, but the jousts.

He is everything an event worthy to see, a full spectacle of color. This peculiar way to celebrate the New Year is effective in The Hague from 1960. With the years, different organizations, clubs have been united and until the body of firemen of the city. She is not to be strange, therefore, the numerous little flags that lay out and cheer the landscape of the beach of Scheveningen.

For the reckless adventurers and it will be necessary to remember the following thing: it does not happen you lanzaros to waters of the North Sea of good to first. These things include/understand, in general, a previous work. The people who bathe a 1 of January with the temperature from the ocean to below cero normally back take it doing from months. That is to say, they have beforehand customary to the body.

And as all boldness it follows his to him deserved reward, this year to the swimmers its prize did not refuse to them either. A plate of typical soup before which, we did not doubt it, all will have intoned a thanked for Hosanna… Then nothing, happy year and the Pepa lives!

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