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The good one of Protágoras said that one that the man is the measurement of all the things, of which they are whereas they are and of that are not, whereas they are not. He sublimates philosophy or pedantic logomaquia, difficult is to deny that the Greeks ended up taking it in serious and the man, not the abstract one, not it humanity, but the man of meat and bone became measurement of the universe. Thus also at the time of planning cities.

The Greek cities not only were a wonder but they were cut according to very reasonable landlords. Nothing of imperial and millionaire large cities where the man was a stranger for the man. Polis had to be relatively small, so that it could be crossed walking (to very good rate, you are not going away to believe) in a day.

Our time has not taken care of the wisdom Greek. Nevertheless, next to megapolis Barbarian small “Greek? cities coexist. In them the life is seen of another way. So it is the case of Haarlem, to stone shot as much of Amsterdam as of the North Sea. Haarlem offers best of Holland and the best thing to us of Europe, without hardly no of its vices.

The heart of Haarlem is the Grote Markt, the great place where streets and architectures, routines or tasks, travellers and cyclists come together. The perennial commercial life of the Haarlem of centuries ago continues springing from the place dominated by the cathedral in the form of cross, also call greater or great church (Grote Kerk).

Perhaps taking a walk by the place we listen to the breathing quarrel of the organ of the cathedral, instrument appreciated in its time by great of music like Schubert. While, we will be approached until the center of the place, occupied by the bronze efigie of Laurens Janszoo Coster, the true inventor of the press for some Dutch.

To the other side of the Grote Markt is the old municipal palace, remodelado sinfín of times and that in origin belonged to German king Guillermo II. On one of the flanks of the place it is the meat market (Vleeshal), today museum, work of Lieven de Key that at the end of the XVI was named architect official of Haarlem, which explains that its attractive Renaissance hand can be raked behind numerous buildings.

Two museums emphasize in the city. The Teylers Museum, that happen for being oldest of Holland, and the Frans Hals Museum. Initially the Frans Hals Museum was an asylum according to a project of the same Lieven de Key. Numerous they were, indeed, the asylums, hospicios and orphanages of Haarlem, in which they could not lack those patios so common in all Holland.

Therefore, Haarlem is a good destiny for the man (and for the woman). We suppose that Protágoras would agree. And if no, what caramba, exciting, perhaps less human but without a doubt more demonic Amsterdam, waits for only 20 km to us.

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