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Station of Eindhoven

The tourists who travel until Eindhoven give account that the form cheapest and easier to move by the city is through its public transport. In spite of everything, many of the inhabitants of the city usually go in bicycle, being useful the flat ways and the views.

The bus-stops are easy to find, and in them it is indicated how long we will have to hope until the next bus. The majority of the buses of Eindhoven works the day throughout, with limitless trips if you buy the ticket Met Elkaartje, very cheap by the way. An alternative to the buses is the electrical street cars Phileas.

- Airport of Eindhoven

Previously known like Welschap, the Airport of Eindhoven is only five kilometers of the city, and to every they use it year until a million travellers, turns which it into the second of greater movement of Holland, after the one of Amsterdam. The regular flights connect with the most important cities of Europe. From the airport they leave buses that connect with the Central station of Eindhoven and the station of train.

- Car rental in Eindhoven

To rent a car is an ideal option if you visit Eindhoven. The city perfectly is connected by highway with Amsterdam, Masstricht and Luxembourg, through a-2 freeway. With Breda and Tillburg it does by a-58, and with Nijmegen by means of a-50

- Buses in Eindhoven

The buses of the city arrive and leave the station Neckerspoel, offering a cheap way to travel not only by all Eindhoven, but also by its towns of around. The schedules can be consulted in the own station, along with another related information, like highways, maps, ET…

- Trains in Eindhoven

There are two stations of train in the city. Western Holland is tie to the Central station of Eindhoven, although from the transport in train it is realized here mainly to the south and this of the country. The main destinies from this station are Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague.

The station of Eindhoven Beukenlaam is the ideal to travel until Tillburg. Those that you arrive at Eindhoven through this station you must visit the factory that is opposite, the one of the Philips multinational, besides the own hexagonal building of the station.

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