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Flag of Friesland

You disguise the joke. When seeing the flag of Dutch Friesland, in the north of the country, bathed by the bordering Waddenzee and with the province of Groningen, I remembered the narcotic cartoons of my childhood: the superlative Arale, its creator professor Slump, the captivating professor of whose name as soon as I can decide to me. The flag, you see already it, has the innocence of the drawings: laid out strips blanquiazules with convex pink points that seem hearts.

Nevertheless, the life in Friesland little is resembled disparatadas histories that happened in the village of Arale, nor we will see fly over our heads by flying dinosaurios that say the hour to us. Friesland as a whole has one more a calmer figure. The colors of this immense picture, where they abound the Lagos as much, the channels, the presence of the water, in spite of everything are not let win by the corrosion of the humidity. And if the Dutch painters have created school it will be because the light hides a secret intensity.

What has been said bond for all Holland and also, clearly, for the Friesland candy. This region of agricultural character is one of the zones with smaller densidad of population, understanding that the occupation of the territory continues being very, but that very over a country like Spain. Its capital is Leeuwarden, that does not arrive at the 100000 inhabitants.

We will write down a few points of interest among the numerous towns and small cities overturned to the sea or having contemplated, what narcissus, its attractive face in waters of the thousands of channels that for centuries serve to them as mirror. Thus, to the old port of fishermen that was Makkum, famous by its enameled ceramics, that is not inferior the produced one in Delft. In Makkum there is a factory that works from 1594. To that to be called to have certainty.

The lovers of the candle must put to Hindeloopen in their front sight. Small houses, houses and casones maintain an aspect eternal, like the channels. Not to lose the Hidde Nijland Museum, where reconstructions of the familiar homes of the Dutch north are sheltered, as well as one keeps the memory costumary and traditions from local history.

Water door of Sneek

Sneek is one of the most important cities. Nautical and the everything what it talks about aquatic sports is of celebration in the Week of Sneek, and generally throughout the year. The city welcomes an important Museum of navigation and its Water Door, construction of the XVII, is one of its more characteristic characteristics. Without forgetting to us, by the way, of its beautiful Greater Church.

But the region as a whole offers alternatives for the leisure in means of deep respect by the nature. The tempo is of saying, majestic per moments, even through the multiple sport supply: the candle, the boat trips, golf and, by all means, the skating and the bicycle do not seem, the truth, the estresantes sports.

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