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Scheveningen is a beach located in the neighborhoods of the city of The Hague, administrative capital of Holland. Besides the beautiful sand banks, ideals to take the sun, and with the many restaurants that offer the most delicious plates, this district abounds in incredible places to visit. We cross some of them.

It is Life Scheveningen, The Hague

It is Life Scheveningen.

The North Sea is home of magnificent creatures who inhabit their waters. In order to know them, a dip does not make lack occur: it is enough with visiting Is Life Scheveningen, a thematic park in which sharks, rays and jellyfish without fear can be observed. One is a tunnel of eight meters that really gives the sensation to be walking under the sea.

It is divided in sections, between which they emphasize particularly two: the Tropical Adventure, with multicoloured fish and beautiful sea horses, that great and small will adore. The other, of less friendly but equally recommendable name, is Claws: there, lobsters, shrimps and crabs approach crystals to be close by well.

Panorama Mesdag, The Hague

Mesdag panorama, work of Hendrik Willem Mesdag.

Mesdag panorama is an attraction of most peculiar. It consists of a cylindrical painting of more than 14 meters of stop and 1680 of the length, without a doubt greatest of Holland. When entering - yes, to enter her is possible to observe the most beautiful landscapes, as if they were real. The panorama corresponds at sight that could be obtained in 1881, from the top of a sand dune: the Seinpostfuin.

The painting was realized by Hendrik Willem Mesdag, and gives the sensation to be contemplating truly the landscape of Scheveningen. In order to realize resemblance it builds, the artist was helped by his wife, Sientje Mesdag van Houten, and other painters of the School of The Hague. Its value acquires not only of the immense proportions that has, but also because it constitutes the old panorama the more that today can be in its original location.

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Photo Via panorama:

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