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Zeeland, Deltapark Neeltje Jans

Zeeland is a region of Holland constituted by the delta of three rivers. All the extension is under the level of the sea, and the works of engineering that were developed to fight against the floods are so spectacular that soon after being constructed these docks already the eighth wonder of the modern world was considered. Zeeland is, in tourist matter, a delight for any traveler: nature, medieval architecture, beaches of dream and, as if this outside little, the most exquisite subjects of gossip of fish.

One of the imperdibles sites of Zeeland is the Deltapark Neeltje Jans, a dedicated thematic park - like it was of imaginarse- to the water: slides, exhibitions, parks of diversions, and until a exhibition multimedia that revive the history of the constructions of the delta that prevent the floods.

The restaurant of this park is a separate chapter: the specialties of Zeeland that use there include, like main ingredient, an ample diversity of marine fish. But those that prefer the candy, without a doubt will decide on the incredible pancakes, typical of the Dutch gastronomy, that are accompanied with all class of delights.

The beaches of sea breams sands of Zeeland are another one of their more remarkable attractions. 70 kilometers of infinite diversity, beach extensions and dunes that outdoors conform an ideal landscape to numerous coffees.

The cycling is an activity that, like in almost all Holland, is developed much in Zeeland. The small towns located to little distance of others and the magnificent views of the region conform a paradisiac footpath.

Middelburg is, of the many towns of the zone, one of the most visited and rich in history. The well-known abbey like Abdijkerken, that dates from century XII, still keeps the scars from the damages caused during World War II, and is a gorgeous monument no that there is to lose itself.

Also it is necessary to be alert to be able to visit the weekly market that is developed in center of the city, every Thursday. The local salesmen take the typical attires of Holland and offer regional products of all type.

Impossible not to fall in love with Zeeland a as diverse region as charming.

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